Support Chew Immunity Plus

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Support Chew Immunity Plus
  • Do you want to boost your dog's immune system?
  • Immunity plus contains Red Ginseng concentration powder that improves the immune system.
  • It also contains Actinidia extract which helps to improve hypersensitive immune responses such as allergy
  • Advised by a traditional Korean Medicine doctor with over 30 years of clinical experience
  • Optimal formulation of oriental medicine raw materials through R & D
  • suitable for from growing puppies to older dogs
  • No Meat Protein to prevent any allergy
  • Take one daily for immune Management 
  • Suitable for chronic disease & post-surgery recovery and management
  • 3.9kcal/piece
  • 80 chews  
  • for dog&cats
  • Ingredients: Purple sweet potato, Pea powder, Sweet pumpkin powder, Tapioca starch, Glycerin fatty acid ester, Yeast extract, Dry yeast, Crystalline cellulose, Red ginseng concentrated powder, Antler extract powder, Actinidia extract, Angelica powder, glucan 30 (dry yeast), Cornus oil powder, Blueberry Powder, Potassium Sorbate


Medical Advisory: Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor
Hanjae Jung