About us

Welcome to Dear Fluffy! Our company strives to provide our customers with carefully curated products from Korea that you and your dog(s) would love.


Message from the founder:



Hi Everyone,

My name is Hyunjee and I just wanted to briefly share a little bit about myself and the reason Dear Fluffy started. If it is not apparent from my name I am originally from Korea, but Singapore has been home for my family and I for the last 4 years.

I was fortunate enough to meet my beloved dog Mochi (3+ year old Cavapoo) after a few months of arriving in Singapore.

After I arrived in Singapore, I didn’t have any friends and was feeling depressed since I was recovering from an illness. But after Mochi came into my life I started to laugh a lot. She brought me great joy and she kept me very busy. She also made me feel strong and responsible. She supported me in making Singapore home!

She is my friend, my daughter, and means the world to me! I know her love for me is unconditional and I get receive more than I can provide.

Therefore, her health and joy are my top priority.

It seems every dog in the world will give more love to their parents than they receive. Thus, I believe they all deserve to be happy and healthy. Dear Fluffy, would like to help you and your companion be healthier and happier.

Dear Fluffy only selects products that we would feed Mochi or have her use. I personally tend to like designs that are sophisticated but also practical. Of course, nice product design is visually appealing, but I don't want to compromise on comfort or health.

Whenever I saw something nice and convenient to use in Korea, I always wondered why no one is selling it in Singapore. This led me to finally decided to sell these products myself. It is my goal to provide you with the best quality, safest and trendiest products in Korea.

Dear Fluffy hopes you can “Make your pet’s day” with our carefully curated products! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@dearfluffy.com