Lorenz Stick Veggie

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Lorenz Stick Veggie


  • Lorentz stick veggie is a snack made from sweet potatoes which help digestion, and sweet pumpkin which is a very satisfying food but is low in calories. It is a perfect treat to maintain a dog’s weight or when they are on a diet.

  • All ingredients are organic or Pesticide-free. Human-grade food only.
  • 100% made in Korea, HACCP certified.
  1. Soft sweet pumpkins- Sweet Pumpkin is low in calories but very filling.  It is good for a dog’s digestion.

  2. Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes help the digestive system. They are eco-friendly sweet potatoes that are delicious and good for the health.

  3. Good for the eyes, carrots - Carrot is well known as rich in Vitamin B and beta-carotene. It helps not only humans but also dogs' eye health.


  • The best hydration supplement for your dog! 
  • Mix the stick in water for your dog’s hydration intake. With its high palatability, it will help increase your dog’s hydration intake.

  • Name of ingredients used : Pesticide-free sweet potato (domestic)27%, Pesticide-free sweet pumpkin(domestic)10%, Pesticide-free carrot(domestic)10%, organic rice powder(domestic)2%, pesticide-free Aronia(domestic)0.1%, purified water