Organic Blueberry Yogurt Ball

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Organic Blueberry Yogurt Ball 

  • Contains more than 500 million CFU of lactic acid bacteria

  • Nutritious snack good for the intestines

  • Amazing palatability

  • Freeze-dried yogurt ball. It is made by using freeze-drying methods to preserve the taste and aroma of raw materials and minimize the destruction of nutrients.

  • Contains blueberries which help with antioxidant effects to prevent aging.

  • Essential Vitamin A,C,D,E mineral ingredients, which are not easy to consume regularly, are added.

  • Contains 7 types of lactic acid bacteria.

  • yogurt is known for having a lot of calcium.
  • 1 box: 30g (around 50 balls): 120Kcal

  • Organic blueberry(domestic), organic plain yogurt [organic condensed milk(domestic), organic sugar, fructooligosaccharide, lactic acid bacteria], organic fructooligosaccharide, fibersol-2, organic soybean oil(France), organic fried rice(domestic), vitamin premix, probiotics, [contains milk, soybean]