Yes I'm Real Bugeo

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Premium Natural Snack Yes I'm Real

  • Produced clean natural snacks without salt, no preservatives, and no additives, using the best human grade ingredients in a reliable Korean factory.
  • Ginseng of the sea : salt-free bugeo(dried pollack)
  • Only fresh raw materials are dried at low temperature to keep them fresh and clean

  • Weight: 60g, Calories: 5kcal/g 

What's BUGEO?

‘Bugeo’ refers to a certain variety of dried pollock. They are frozen and thawed repeatedly during the frigid winter winds, until they become thoroughly dried. 

Dried pollock is a rich source of protein and amino acids, It contains 5 times more protein and amino acids than fresh pollock.

Korean people love to eat Bugeo as Soup and feed dogs as snack/soup/meal. It is well known as one of the best sources of energy for dogs like Korean red-ginseng to humans.