Yes Mousse Eye

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Healthy and Delicious Functional Yes Mousse Eye

It is not just a simple snack, it is very functional! 

Lutein + Blueberry + Carrot + Bilberry extract +Organic Goat milk + New Zealand Manuka 

  • Good for Eye 
  • Blueberry and Carrot: Best combination for eye health
  • U.S. FDA Certified
  • Sodium/calorie relief
  • Delicious flavor of Organic goat milk and Manuka honey
  • Human grade food
  • Use human grade packages
  • Especially good for over 6 years old dogs
  • can mix with water to encourage drinking  
  • NO preservatives, fragrances, dextrin, additives and colorants


Feeding guidelines

Below 3Kg : 0.5-1 stick

Over 3kg : 1-3 sticks

Guaranteed analysis

Protein(min.) 1.8%, Calcium(min.) 0.08%, Fat(min.) 1.5%, Phosphorus(min) 0.06%, Fiber(max.) 1%, Ash(max.) 2%, Moisture(max.) 91%, Sodium 0.17%

Calorie content



Purified water, Organic goat milk, New Zealand Manuka, Blueberry, Carrot, Tapioca, Lutein, Bilberry extract